Vigo Faucet Reviews: Top 6 Rated Models in 2021

Handling a leaking faucet is such a depression, not to mention maintaining it.

That’s why versatile faucets from Vigo are getting more and more attention. Not only can they prevent harmful bacteria but they also save time, effort and energy.

So, which products should you choose? And how will they improve your life?

We’ve got the best Vigo faucets in this list right here. At the same time, to give you a more objective look, we will not ignore the shortcomings of each product.

Thanks to that, you can choose the most proper ones.

Top-Rated Vigo Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Vigo faucets are popular products for both kitchens and bathrooms.

After 120 hours inspecting and testing, we have selected its 6 best faucet products from multiple models out there.

1 VIGO VG02008MB Gramercy  – The Most Modern Look For Your Kitchen

VIGO VG02008MB Gramercy

One of our favorite things is how good this model looks. With a matte black finish and sleek design, it will indeed stand out in your kitchen and make the space more modern than ever.

The black hose fits perfectly with tight, high-quality rubber O-joints. It is heavy-duty and exceptional in design.

The hose can also be extended 30 inches long, making cleaning in the sink effortless, especially with large-sized units.

However, instead of having the hose automatically slide back into the faucet like other products, with this faucet model, you’ll have to push it in manually every time you use.

Anyway, you can still make a smoother based on where you put the weight under the sink.

The pull-down nozzle doesn’t come up with the spray function. In return, the water pressure is very strong.

Frankly, it works perfectly and there are no leaks or water splashing everywhere with modern anti-drip mechanism and technology.

Thanks to that, you will easily control the water as well as keep the sink and surrounding area always dry.

The installation will take a few hours. However, the steps are fairly straightforward so you won’t have much trouble doing this. Besides, it is also easy to clean and maintain the single handle lever.

One thing to keep in mind is that the faucet can kink easily.


2 VIGO VG02001CH Single-Handle – The Most Reasonable Choice

VIGO VG02001CH Single-Handle

Not only does Vigo manufacture products with high capacity, perfect texture, or the world-class standard but they also provide mid-range faucets for those who desire a more affordable price.

If you belong to this customer group, you should not ignore this VG02001CH product.

Although it is not perfect as its brothers, it is undeniable that Vigo products are versatile and extremely convenient.

And, this option is no exception. It provides the full functionality of a kitchen faucet, making washing easier than ever.

If your kitchen is big enough and has a shiny appearance, this faucet with its edgy spiral detailed design will definitely complement its theme.

It has a strong, durable and stainless construction. With a dual pull-out spray head, whether it’s a light or heavy-duty task, the Vigo faucet can help you do it well.

Especially, besides the perfect height and depth of the faucet, the spout can rotate 360 ​​degrees and extend up to 30″. It can easily reach any corner of the sink.

Convenient, right?

You will feel that the installation is not too difficult. However, it will take you a bit of time. You’d better contact the suppliers and ask them to install it for you.

However, there are some problems with the crimping hose which leads to low water flow. Do not worry as pulling it out to the side may solve the problem.


3 VIGO VG02002CH Harrison Commercial – Best For Medium-Sized Sinks

VIGO VG02002CH Harrison Commercial

It might not be the best-looking faucet in these Vigo faucets reviews but the design is excellent for a medium-sized sink.

The hose has a height of about 15 inches and its reach is 9 inches. With stainless paint, it is an elegant decoration for your kitchen.

It’s great and versatile with the handle with 2 hot/cold modes. Switching between the two modes is quick and helpful when cooking.

At the same time, you will not notice any dripping with this product.

Both normal flow and spray are powerful, helping you save time washing dishes or doing other heavier-duty tasks like cleaning the kitchen.

Moreover, with high-quality materials, this faucet fights mineral buildup, ensuring that the water is always clean and non-toxic to your family’s health.

It is also NSF certified to be lead-free when used.

So, does it have any downside?

You can find the price quite expensive. However, quality is about what you can expect at this price range.

Not only does it provide excellent performance but you will also be satisfied with its customer service.

If you have trouble installing or fixing any part of the faucet, let’s contact the company through their website.

The company will respond to your issues via email as soon as possible with a commitment to solving it for you with no charge. Also, this product is guaranteed for 1 year.


Top Recommended Vigo Bathroom Faucet Reviews

1 VIGO VG03013ARB Linus Rubbed Bronze – The Most Antique Look For Your Bathroom

VIGO VG03013ARB Linus Rubbed Bronze

The first thing you can feel when you see and install this product is that it will give your bathroom a look that is both luxurious and nostalgic.

The faucet is made entirely of metal. The design is curvy, smooth with slender, neat, and refined lines.

In addition, the copper plating layer makes the elegant product even more noticeable and antique.

Like other Vigo bathroom faucets, it has the single-lever design so opening and closing the water will be notably smooth. The product also includes a matching brass pop up drain.

The faucet is also very easy to install. It only takes you about 1 hour to complete the task.

Besides, in case you have any trouble, you can get detailed instructions from the manufacturer’s representative.

If the area you are living has problems with the high amount of lead in water, this faucet will be very beneficial for you and your family.

The ceramic Sedal disc cartridge has a vital role in preventing leaks and harmful minerals, ensuring the longevity of the faucet.

However, if your bathroom is too small, we recommend that you should not consider this faucet. It is quite big in size, heavy and high, so it will occupy a fairly large area.


2 VIGO VG03003BN Dior Single Handle Brushed Nickel – Top Budget Bathroom Faucet

VIGO VG03003BN Dior Single Handle Brushed Nickel

If you feel it is a waste to invest a large amount of money in the bathroom faucet, then you’ll want to pick up this product.

It is very affordable while the advantages that it brings are beyond expectations.

Why do we say that?

Well, that’s because it’s beautiful, convenient, great-standard, water-saving, and everything we could ask for in a bathroom faucet.

First of all, it has a very elegant and modern appearance. This product is one of the most favorite choices of hotels of 4 stars and above.

If you often go on a business trip, you must have come across this product. Its look fits every space, decorative styles, and colors, from cozy to luxurious.

Especially, if your bathroom size is a bit limited, this faucet will help save space compared to many other products.

In addition, its design is also extremely excellent. The construction is simple but tall enough for you to wash your hands without splashing water.

Best of all, it comes with a single lever design that is convenient for you to adjust the flow to your liking and control the water temperature.

The product also comes with two aerators. As a result, you can use a lower flow of either 1.2 or 1.5 GPM.

Up to now, we have not found out the disadvantages of this product. It is very affordable and offers the full functionality of a quality bathroom faucet.


3 VIGO VG01023BN Bova 8 Inch Brushed Nickel – The Simplest Bathroom Faucet For Every Household

VIGO VG01023BN Bova 8 Inch Brushed Nickel  

This product is favored by consumers for its delicate yet unfussy design as well as excellent quality.

The faucet does not have perfect curves like the VG03013ARB or not as cost-effective as the VG03003BN, but it fits all requirements for ease of use and durability.

Therefore, if you do not require highly outstanding features, the VG01023BN is a product you should not ignore.

Now, on to the features of the model and there are a lot of them.

The spout of the product is made entirely of brass and without plastic. Therefore, it is heavy, solid and never gets clogged like kitchen faucets.

Its surface is 7 layer nickel-plated, making the faucet durable over time. So, you won’t have to worry about corrosion, dullness, or rust.

Even if you know little about plumbing, installing this faucet cannot challenge you. The setup is effortless, and the instructions are very clear.

The single lever also makes the furniture more convenient, optimal, and useful. As a result, users can wash their hands and face quickly and effortlessly even without looking.

On top of all these, cartridges of this product are covered with up to 5-year warranty. And the spout itself has a lifetime warranty (limited) for problems that occur with all finishes and structures.

Therefore, you will save a remarkable amount of repair costs when choosing this product.


Brief Information About The Vigo Faucet Brand

After reading the best Vigo faucets reviews, we want to give you a quick look at this popular brand.

Vigo Industries is founded in 2009 by Leonid Valdberg. From the beginning, it has been an importer of commercial-style kitchen, bath, prep and bar faucet products provided by a wide range of suppliers in China.

Although the group does not directly engineer and manufacture them, these products must pass the quality certification of the US market and are branded as Vigo.

Therefore, it can be said that the products sold by Vigo are safe, reliable, durable, and lead-free.

It is also a new company in the market but has grown rapidly and gained a big buzz.

They become one of the best suppliers of furniture products for consumers around the world, being one of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

One of the aims that the Vigo Industries pursues is to ensure that everything they do will satisfy the customers and professionals. That is called the “Vigo experience.”

Why Should You Choose Vigo Faucets?

You might be curious:

“What makes the VIGO faucets so popular and trustworthy?”

In addition to the above features that we have directly experienced and collected, Vigo faucets are certified and guaranteed for quality by prestigious organizations.

If you are still concerned about the products we recommend, surely, the following information will change your mind.

Product Quality

There are four main types of Vigo products, including pull-down kitchen faucets, pull-out kitchen faucets, bar and prep kitchen faucets, and kitchen faucets with deck plates.

If you do not want the six options that we’ve recommended, you can consider these types.

It can be said that quality is the first factor that decides the worth of Vigo faucets.

Vigo faucets are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they are very durable, strong yet lightweight.

Besides, it also does not leak, rust, and its structure helps remove minerals in water sources that are harmful to human health, such as lead.

The surface of the Vigo faucets is also plated with nickel, brass, or painted matt black, etc., making the product look like new even if you have used it for 3 or 5 years.

At the same time, you’ll have various selections to choose from, so feel free to choose the one that best fits your home space.

The quality of the Vigo faucets is also reflected in the certificates it has to pass as well as its outstanding features of ease of use and design.

However, since they are equally attractive, we will help you understand them in the next parts.


Vigo faucets are mostly designed in a commercial style. That is, they are easy to use and suitable for most households.

With its products, Vigo hopes your life will be less stressed and more comfortable.

They have a very simple design but its products have all the required functions of a faucet. You won’t have any trouble installing them.

While bathroom faucets have a single lever design that is very convenient to use, the Vigo kitchen spouts are capable of stretching.

Usually, they are up to 30 inches long. The cleaning tasks will become easier and more convenient with these faucets.

Besides, with the smart and versatile design, they allow you to adjust the flow as well as the spray or stream mode.

It is the simplicity and sophistication in the design that has helped Vigo gain the love of users. Its products can make any space shine bright.


A simple product does not mean that it isn’t equipped with modern technology. In particular, with Vigo faucets, that issue is even placed on top.

A series of innovations have been introduced into faucets for shower, bathroom, and kitchen. Let’s have a closer look at each product line.

For shower faucets, there are breakthroughs with smart adjust shower installation, sealed-through hinges, 4divert valve technology, and anti-lock hinges.

When it comes to bathroom faucets, rollerdisk™ technology, 3divert valve™ technology, and safe-stopping mechanism are the most outstanding steps.

The technologies the brand have applied to their kitchen faucets include flex-sized shower technology, fingerprint-resistant coating, and magnalock™ technology.

All are aimed at providing the best experience for all customers.

Certifications And Achievements

Up to now, Vigo has achieved some great achievements, of which the most outstanding is becoming one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America (2014).

Part of this potential development is because the company strives to ensure its products to meet the certifications of safety, reliability, and durability.

Safety here means that they must help provide lead-free drinking water to users.

These certificates come from the cUPC (Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code ™), NSF International, AB1952 (Anti-Integrin beta1 Antibody, Cytosolic), and WaterSense.

Price Policy And Warranty

Vigo faucets fall into a high price range. You can choose mid-range products with a price from $100. Other options will fall in the range of $130-$200.

There are also premium faucets offered by Vigo that cost around $300.

However, we believe that, with this faucet company, you will get more than you paid for.

They are rich in features and give you more complete options. Besides, the durability will also be significantly enhanced.

Next, on to the warranty policy. In addition to the fact that you will be assured about the lifespan of the product, problems related to manufacturer defects will be warranted for a lifetime.

Therefore, after all, Vigo faucets are not too expensive because you will not need to pay additional repair costs for hardware finishes, tempered glass components, and plating.

Evenly, there are many products on the market having a higher price, but they are not appreciated for the quality and health benefits as Vigo.

In addition, Vigo accepts to return faucet cartridges within a period of 5 years for all their merchandise.

This number is 5 times higher than some suppliers of this product on the market. That is one of the reasons we recommend Vigo faucets.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the factors contributing to Vigo’s rapid development.

Although they are just a new company established 5 years ago, customer perception and opinion are always their primary concerns.

From consulting, ordering, signing up to using the product, you can always reflect the problem you encounter with the business through their website or hotline.

After that, the representative of the company will contact you and give detailed instructions for solutions.

If the product you are using needs replacing some parts, you will receive the replacement parts via shipping within 2 days.

The filing of warranty claims and related matters are solved the same way as those.

Our Last Words

With numerous achievements that Vigo has gained, you can safely choose and use some of their versatile faucets.

Their products are guaranteed for quality, experience, and durability, but each product will suit different customer groups. So, the choice is yours.

Hope that with our recommended Vigo faucets reviews, completing your housework will be more accessible and effortless.

If you want to know further guides, don’t hesitate to let us know. Please like and share the article with others if you find it useful for you. Thank you.

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