Pfister Faucets Reviews: Top 8 Rated Models in 2021

There are hundreds of kitchen and bathroom fixtures out there, why do people always search for the best Pfister faucets reviews?

In fact, Pfister is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to high-end faucets.

Their products are certified to be both eco-friendly and to keep up with the latest technological changes. Hence, they are worth their prices.

But not all Pfister faucets are the same. The company comes up with different types and shapes to meet specific demands and match with your kitchen styles.

Here we introduce you to 8 best Pfister faucets with thoughtful reviews.

Pfister Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Faucets in the kitchen are used almost every day, so they must be durable and easy to use.

Also, their functionalities must be highly adept at controlling water flow, both the hot and cold water.

When it comes to kitchen faucets, you must pay attention to its style (single handles, two handles, and widespread faucets); the materials and finishes, and the warranty.

Below are three best Pfister faucets reviews for the kitchen so that you do not need to search elsewhere.

1 Pfister LG534-LPMB Arkitek – Best For Modern Kitchen

Pfister LG534-LPMB Arkitek

If your kitchen style is modern, do not ignore this Plister LG534-LPMP Arkitek. Its bold and sleek design will add extra elegance to your cooking space.

Inspired by angular sport vehicles and geometric jewelry, the Arkitek kitchen faucet features squared corners, geometric architectures, and straight lines.

Hence, it creates a focal point fitting the contemporary kitchen, especially small spaces like an RV or a trailer.

The finish is matte black which adds a bold statement and clean feeling to the interior surroundings.

Other than the beautiful look, the key features are also helpful.

The faucet adopts the ceramic disc valve technology to lengthen the faucet’s life and make the operation easier.

To be specific, there is an upper disc that moves and another fixed lower disc so that the faucet is less eroded by water seepage.

Even better, the spray head is multi-functional. It can be pulled out to toggle between the standard stream mode for daily rinsing and spray mode for heavy-duty purposes.

Moreover, the metal forward-only handle is designed to optimize the narrow backsplashes of the kitchen, as well as to withstand the heavy usage.

In regard to safety requirements, this Arkitek kitchen faucet complies with the Californian “lead-free” requirements; NSF/ANSI 372; CEC water-efficiency consumption standards, and ADA/ANSI a117.1.

The only thing to improve is the powerful outflow. If you are not familiar with the faucet at first, you will find that the water comes out suddenly and powerful. It might cause annoying splashing. Hence, be careful!


2 Pfister G13310SS Pfirst Series – Best Budget Pfister Kitchen Faucet

Pfister G13310SS Pfirst Series

At a glance, the G13310SS Pfirst Series looks similar to any traditional faucets. Nothing but boring?

In fact, these Pfirst Series are built with “less is more” philosophy to be both pocket-friendly and practical.

Accordingly, the faucet is made from an affordable material of brass. However, it features a stainless steel finish (You can hardly find this thoughtful addition in other cheap kitchen faucets).

The style is basic to cut costs on unnecessary bells and whistles.

The installation and maintenance; hence; are also very easy.

Moreover, this is also a pull-out faucet like the advanced Plister LG534-LPMP Arkitek.

The spray head can be taken out to 9-7/8″ from the counter so you can make out of more space under the faucet to wash big pans and pots.

The more powerful pulled-out spray is also helpful to reach the side countertop or the corner of the sink if needed.

The faucet even offers more flexibility thanks to its swiveling spout that is 360-degree rotatable.

Even when your sink has double sinks or you mount the faucet on a kitchen island, the water is still at hand.

Though the G13310SS Pfirst Series is low-price, it still meets the NSF low-lead requirement, ADA compliance, and even exceeds the CALGreen criteria.

This is due to the patented Pforever Seal Technology of the Pfister.

Again, the water flow rate needs adjusting more. The spray function usually ends up to lots of splashes whenever being switched from the stream mode.


3 Pfister LG529ESAS Stellen – Best Touch-Free Kitchen Faucet

Pfister LG529ESAS Stellen

The Stellen Collections are designed to fit popular euro urban kitchens, which are fashionable and minimalist. This Pfister LG529ESAS is no exception.

In brief, the construction is a combination of sleek lines, contemporary curves, pull-down spray head, high ARC spout – and especially, the react touch-free water flow technology.

Accordingly, you can turn the faucet on and off by waving your hands or arms 3’’ away from the motion sensor at the bottom.

Moreover, the faucet will shut down itself after 3 minutes without any further motion.

Such the automation function is helpful and convenient when your hands are busy with other stuff.

Not to mention, it reduces the introduction of dirt, germs, or fingertips to the faucet and water flow. The SmartShut also saves water and energy.

Both plug-in and battery packs are available to running the motion sensor whenever you want.

On the other hand, the faucet can also be used in manual mode as other Pfister faucets.

Moreover, the sprayer supports up to 3 pull-down functionalities, including the stream, spray, and pause. You can also adjust the swivel to whenever you need to clean.

Hence, the faucet is versatile for your daily needs from doing the washing up, cleaning hands, to rinsing vegetables.

Pfister LG529ESAS complies with safety requirements as we have mentioned above.

All features are beyond the expectations, however, the high price is what to think twice. Moreover, be cautious when plugging in the faucet to your electric source.


Pfister Bathroom Faucets Reviews

It is a common mistake that kitchen and bathroom faucets are alternatives.

Despite sharing the same basic functionalities, they are still different in several aspects, for example, the installation method, the size, and height, as well as some add-on features.

Hence, we divide this post into 2 Pfister faucets reviews. The following is about the best Pfister bathroom faucets.

1 Pfister Weller LG49WR0K – Best Budget Widespread Bath Faucet

Pfister Weller LG49WR0K

For your information, there are different types of bathroom faucets. The single and widespread faucets are the most popular.

Here we introduce the Weller LG49WR0K as the best widespread bathroom faucet you should take into account.

First off, the faucet is made all out of the metal, along with the brushed nickel finish, to ensure the durability of your daily use.

Moreover, it matches well with both traditional and modern kitchen styles.

Secondly, it features a widespread construction. Accordingly, the faucet has three separate parts – two angled handles and one graceful spout.

They can be mounted onto the countertop or the sink with 3 holes (valve and cartridge) rather than a deck plate.

Such widespread design offers easy installation as well as flexible handle rotation. Especially, the high arc spout provides an extra reach and clearance.

Exciting enough, the faucet meets almost all requirements when it comes to bathroom faucets, for example, the ADA/ANSI A117.1 which means it can be used by the disabled at convenience; the Pforever Seal Technology to protect the faucet from leak and waste; the NSF/ANSI 372  and the “lead-free” plumbing requirements.

Even better, the water consumption is already tested by the EPA WaterSense Standards, in which the faucet can save 30% of the annual water bill.

For your note, we do not recommend this Weller LG49WR0K for a small bathroom as it might take a large space to install three separate parts.


2 Pfister LG49NC1C Contempra – The Runner-Up Widespread Faucet

Pfister LG49NC1C Contempra

The LG49NC1C Contempra is an alternative in regard to the widespread faucets for the bathroom. It also features handles at the two sides and a high spout as the Weller.

What makes this faucet different is its contemporary design that fits modern kitchens very well.

The LG49NC1C is combined between the clean lines with geometric shapes to create a timeless pure presence. Moreover, the polished chrome finish remains shiny and rust-free over time.

If you know something about the architecture techniques, you will make out how thoughtful the designers are.

They have applied the Golden Section into three widespread parts, including the part line breaks, cylindrical handle hubs, and the comfortable ratio among the three.

All are great to give off a bold and edgy to your bathroom.

Also, he faucet is backed by the Pforever seal ceramic technology so you do not need to worry about a leak. If any, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

Besides, the water flow meets or even exceeds the CALGreen; ADA/ANSI a117.1; NSF/ANSI 372; and the lead content requirement of various states. This ensures the user-friendliness and economical water consumption.

All in all, the performance and quality is excellent. However, the price is a bit more expensive than other faucets with similar features.


3 Pfister LF042JDCC Jaida – Best Budget Bath Faucet

Pfister LF042JDCC Jaida

If you have a narrow bath sink, a widespread faucet seems too bulky. In that case, go for a single-handle faucet such as LF042JDCC Jaida is a wiser choice.

Not to mention, the price is more affordable than the widespread brothers since the design is much simpler.

As its name explains, the single-handle faucet features only one handle to adjust both the water flow rate and the temperature.

One the one hand, the faucet turns out to be easy-to-use for everyone, both the child or those having trouble in gripping things.

Moreover, it reduces the accidents that people turn on the hot water only and burn themselves.

We also like that the Pfister Jaida series supports the fall water spout. It brings a sense of fresh river flow, making the bath into an oasis of sound and sight.

This design also prevents annoying splashes and messy water over the countertop.

On the other hand, the installation might be tricky a bit. In addition, the side-mounted handles become somewhat inconvenient as you might sometimes mistake the handle for the backsplash.

Thankfully, there are Pforever seal and Push & Seal drain to guarantee the faucet from pop-ups or wasteful leaks.

The code compliance includes the ADA/ANSI A117.1; CALGreen Compliant; EPA WaterSense Standards; Lead-free NSF/ANSI 372; and CEC Water Compliant.


4 Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jaida – Best Bath Faucet Overall

Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jaida

Among Pfister faucets reviews today, the Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jaida is the best bathroom faucet.

This faucet is desirable as its functionalities are reliable, the installation is user-friendly, the design matches well with both traditional and modern kitchen styles, and the price is reasonable.

Our first impression on this faucet is, the faucet adopts the fall water sense of the LF042JDCC and the widespread construction.

Furthermore, the defense brushed nickel finish is well-resistant to water spots and fingerprints. The faucet remains shiny and clean over time.

Besides the nickel finish, Pfister also offers two options: the polished chrome and the Tuscan bronze. Which to choose is based on your specific bathroom style.

Secondly, the two handles make it easy to install the faucet in several minutes.

The Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jaida also comes with the Pforever Ceramic disc valve technology and drain assembly.

They not only assist the installation process but also enhance the durability.

The two handles might be hard to use at first, but once you get familiar, you will be so pleased that you have more space under the faucet.

Besides the code compliance as the Jaida single-handle faucet, the widespread version is even certified with the CSA B125; IAPMO; and ASME A112.18.1.

Just for your note, some users reported that the faucet does not fit the standard 4’’ three-hole setup. It is a little wider. So, you must contact the seller to know the exact measurement and get prepared your sink before ordering.


5 Pfister LF-M42-YPYY Ashfield – Best Stylish Bath Faucet

Pfister LF-M42-YPYY Ashfield

The design looks really interesting and distinctive, doesn’t it?

In fact, this  LF-M42-YPYY Ashfield faucet is inspired by the vintage decor that adds a quaint charm to your bathroom.

Accordingly, the faucet comes in three different finishes, including the Brushed Nickel, Rustic Bronze, and Tuscan Bronze. These materials are all durable and rust-free.

However, we recommend the Tuscan bronze finish the most. The bold dark of the Tuscan bronze creates an elegant and luxury look. It also hides fingertips excellently.

Moreover, this single-handle faucet features a wide fall water spout so that you can access water quickly and comfortably without the fear of messy splashes.

The single handle also makes it fast to adjust the temperature and pressure of water at will.

Another plus is, the LF-M42-YPYY Ashfield package includes several useful accessories to assist the tricky installation.

They are the Pforever advanced disc valve technology; the cartridge and the valve; the single post mounting ring; and the decorative deck plate.

Beautiful as it is, there are still some flaws to improve.

Firstly, the hot water flow seems not responsive enough. You have to wait several minutes for the water to run out. Worse still, the flow rate is slower than that of the cold water. Secondly, the price is as expensive as that of the widespread faucet. Normally, single-handle faucet should be more affordable.


Pfister Brand In Brief

There is a likelihood that you used to have Pfister faucets, to be exact, your parents might have bought them. This company was founded in 1910 under the name Price Pfister.

Back then, Price Pfister focused on garden faucets, valves, and other plumbing fixtures.

The company even manufactured grenade shells and aircraft fittings during World War II.

Since being purchased by Mr. Famillian – an American-based businessman, the company started specializing in household products and kept growing in scale.

In 1987, Price Pfister accounted for nearly 14% of the faucet market in the U.S.

So far, the company has experienced different changes in ownership.

In 2010, Stanley acquired Price Pfister and changed its name to simply Pfister. However, Pfister is currently run by Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated.

Why Should You Choose Pfister Faucet?

Pfister has been standing as one of the leading residential fixture vendors in the world for more than 100 years.

Overall, their products are both stylish and reliable, backed up by the comprehensive Pforever Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Moreover, Pfister offers a wide range of faucets, from the budget-friendly Contempra range to the high-end products under Marielle, Parisa, and Catalina.

Let’s get insight some advantages of Pfister Faucet to see why these Flister Faucet Reviews are worth your reading.

Eco-Friendly And Smart Technologies

First to praise, Pfister is an eco-conscious builder who always complies with laws and regulations of plumbing fixtures and eco-friendly standards.

Many faucets are being audited by reliable parties and organizations to make sure the best quality and performance.

More excitingly, Pfister is investing significantly in the R&D activities to keep up with and even introduce the latest technologies.

For example, Pfister faucets are certified of the WaterSense program by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.)

Accordingly, this technology saves up to 30% on daily water consumption.

They also meet or even exceed the CALGreen Building Code criteria in regard to reducing the potable water amount within the building by 20% and more.

Even better, the faucets for kitchen, lavatory, and bar are thoroughly tested to comply with NSF Lead-free requirement in which the amount of lead in wetted surfaces must not exceed 0.25%.

In other words, water from Pfister faucets is safe for your family’s health.

Customized Design

In Pfister, the manufacturers and designers believe that customers are style-savvy.

In other words, they look for faucets that are both functional and attractive to add beauty to their kitchens or bathrooms.

Hence, the company always focused on customer-first design. All components of the faucets are made with trends of living, architecture, and interior in mind.

Take the kitchen faucet collections for example.

Pfister has come up with three styles, including the traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Each of them varies in design and function to fit your kitchen the best.

Specifically, you can choose among ornate gold taps to fit the royal interior (Ashfield collections); long-necked faucets for the modern minimalist kitchen (Cadenza series); or the retro silver faucets with crystal handles (Pfirst series.)

Pforever Warranty

As the promise “Quality is a commitment rather than an adjective,” Pfister tries their best to enhance the product quality and guarantee their customers with the most reliable experience.

The company offers a “Pforever” warranty for all products against leaks and flaws on finish and functions, including the best Pfister faucets reviews as we have introduced you above.

The warranty lasts for the life of the products.

Dedicated Customer Service

Along with the Pforever warranty, the customer service team is almost always of your service at PFAUCET.

Whenever you are about to purchase faucets but do not know what to fit your kitchen style or you have problems with the installation process, you can refer to the consultation from the Pfister team.

They are both specialized and responsive.

We would like to give the team a big thumbs up for their dedication.


Have you checked all Pfister faucets reviews and picked your most suitable ones?

We recommend giving each product a further look at its product page so that you can get more insight into the features and design.

We already have our best! For the kitchen, the Pfister LG529ESAS is the most recommended choice due to its durable construction and smart touch-free technology.

As you always find yourself busy in the cooking place, a motion sensor will save you much time and effort.

When it comes to bathroom faucet, take a look at Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jaida. All features are excellent and the price is reasonable.

If you find this review is useful, please like and share it with others. Enjoy!

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