Moen Faucet Reviews: Top 10 Rated Models in 2021

Why Moen rather than anything else?

Before digging into the review, let’s learn a little bit about the Moen brand in advance!

Moen company is an old firm with a lot of achievements. Specifically, the founder – Al Moen, achieved more than 75 patents in the plumbing industry.

The manufacturer uses high-quality materials as well as integrates advanced technology into their products.

Thus, purchasing Moen Faucet means you have a worthy and long-term investment about quality, versatility, and durability.

What’s more, the company also provides excellent customer service. If you have any problem, they will support you as soon as possible.

Thus, no matter what your demands are, you will find out a suitable product among their stunning and practical designs.

Please consider some popular Moen products and Moen-related information in Moen faucet reviews below.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews

These Moen kitchen faucets meet the requirements of both the appearance and functionality for extreme convenience.

1 Moen 7594ESRS Kitchen Faucet – The Best Touchless Tool

Moen7594ESRS kitchen faucet

This product has a lot of outstanding features such as good usability, advanced technology, and great aesthetics.

But its highlight is the MotionSense – Moen exclusive touchless technology, which allows you to use without touching.

Now, let’s discover this two-sensor version:

The first sensor (wave sensor) is set up at the highest vertical position of the spout. It will activate the faucet when detecting any movement.

You can use this tool by waving one to turn the water on and waving one more time to turn it off.

Another sensor, which is at the base, and near the swivel joint, is used as a ready-sensor. Any object put in front of it can activate this sensor.

Some of you may wonder why the tool is designed with a handle while it is a hands-free handle.

This standard handle allows you to control the water force and temperature of the water.

Thus, it’s so convenient if the sensors malfunction suddenly or the batteries run out.

What’s more, there are two common modes (stream and spray), especially a pause button. Depending on your demand, let’s choose a suitable one.

Another great benefit is that the finishes can keep the kitchen faucet from stains and the like.

If warranty partly reflects the quality of the product, the good news is that you have a lifetime limited warranty, especially, the up-to-five-years warranty for all digital components.

As advertised, the retractable head of Moen 7594ESRS Kitchen Faucet can smoothly operate for a long time.

However, let’s face the fact:

If you don’t maintain your faucet carefully, after a specific time, it’s hard to avoid accidents and adverse effects of traction at certain parts.


2 Moen 5923SRS Kitchen Faucet – The Best Commercial Style Faucet

Moen 5923SRS kitchen faucet

Although Moen 5923SRS kitchen faucet is for home use, it comes with the features of the industrial and professional products such as the sturdy structure and strong water force.

Of course, the manufacturer still keeps its essence with more household-friendly features.

Normally, the construction of a real commercial faucet are pretty big to put up with the strong water pressure as well as the heavy-duty use of commercial demand.

But, the small and compact design of this faucet meets the requirements of household use, and it provides fantastic features of a commercial model.

Because of the substantial water force, the manufacturer adds the perfect Power Clean technology, which can minimize splash.

The length of hose is 68” which is three times as long as others for unbelievable flexibility.

Meanwhile, this hose can retract itself for more convenient experiences.

Compared to the standard faucets for home use, this commercial-style takes more vertical room.

This provides more room for you to wash your hands,  kitchen units, and the like.

However, please ensure that your counter is large enough to install this tool before buying it. If your place is too small, you had better consider other choices.


3 Moen 7185ORB Kitchen Faucet – The Most Straightforward Installation

Moen 7185ORB kitchen faucet

I strongly recommend Moen 7185ORB kitchen faucet for first-time users because it is designed for quick and simple installation. You mainly adjust the holes to connect it with your sink.

Moreover, there is the Dura lock quick system, which provides a secure installation.

Meanwhile, its time-saving system allows you to connect quickly in one step without any tool required.

This one-way installation ensures your proper and correct connection. Even you can uninstall by pushing a button with one hand.

Its two sensors bring some advantages:

First, they can prevent the spread of germs in the water.

Second, it will activate the flow of water without touching. However, this model requires you to perform some simple motions with your hands on the two sensors.

Depending on your demands, you can choose one of two modes of water flow: aerated stream and powerful rinse.

What you have to do is to click on the button of the spout spray?

Finally, here is our favorite feature:

How do you think about its look?

Is it elegant?

This is thanks to its oil rubbed bronze finish. The elegant look of Moen 7185ORB Kitchen Faucet will beautify your kitchen.

When it comes to Moen 7185ORB, there is a prevalent issue. To use this model, you must adjust the temperature of the water for the automatic water feature at the control box under the sink. But, the manufacturer has improved this issue these days, so let’s buy the newer version instead of the older designs.


4 Moen 7565SRS Kitchen Faucet – The Best Durability

Moen 7565SRS kitchen faucet

Although this is one of the high-priced tools, it is a worthy and long-term investment. Thanks to the spot resist stainless material, you can use it for years.

This product features the reflex system, which allows you to pull the spray head down quickly, providing a more extensive range of movements.

This system also offers self-docking technology, making it a snap to re-dock after using.

In spite of the great feature, some people worry that putting the head back in place too many times for years can make the faucet looser and more brittle.

The case above won’t happen, or at least, this faucet isn’t broken due to the reflex system.

We tested this feature that operates very smooth with a natural motion and secure docking of the pulldown head. So, it doesn’t affect the durability of the product.

The Moen company also provides its customers with a limited lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. You can ask anything about faucet, including installation.

Some users don’t love its plastic pull-down hose that seems very cheap, adversely affecting the look of the faucet.


5 Moen 7294SRS Kitchen Faucet – The Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7294SRS kitchen faucet

Even Moen 7294SRS kitchen faucet isn’t the only one pull-out faucet in this list; it is the best of the best for sure.

Let’s discover the reason:

A single handle seems to be inconvenient, but it’s effortless to operate. Furthermore, the two spray modes offer you enough functions to use this faucet smoothly.

Even there is a pause function, which allows you to stop the flow of the water without decreasing the performance.

Like the high-arc of other products, this feature offers you more clearance for taller.

In particular, the vertical length of this faucet is more elegant that can complement the style of any kitchen.

If you don’t need large usability, and your counter/ sink space is limited and small, this pull-out compact faucet is a perfect choice. This is not an ideal option for a big sink.

Although this model isn’t manufactured with terrific technologies like the reflex system, it still retracts. You can pull the head out to the maximum reach of 59”, which is enough to use in a small kitchen.


Moen Bathroom Faucet Reviews

Moen bathroom faucets are incredibly convenient to use because the manufacturer focuses on user-friendly functions. Let’s see what you will get:

1 Moen 6172 Bathroom Faucet – The Unique Design

Moen 6172 bathroom faucet

Apart from the practical functionality, Moen 6172 adds an elegant look into your bathroom sink thanks to its unique design which is highly reflective and mirror-like.

This Moen faucet is centerset and widespread, so it has features of both configurations.

That means you should install it into a large sink because it has more room between the faucet handles as well as the spout.

Moreover, you can adjust hot and cold running water through the two handles.

When it comes to the guarantee, this Moen faucet meets the standard of both EPA WaterSense and ADA compliant. It partly reflects the high quality of this faucet

Whether your bathroom style is modern, traditional, or country, there will be a suitable choice among two non-tarnish finishes of this product. These finishes improve durability and maintenance.

Thanks to a simple design, it’s straightforward to install this faucet by yourself. What’s more, you have the help of installation instructions from the manufacturer.

For one more thing, if you buy this product, keep in mind that there is no aerator replacement available.


2 Moen 6702 Bathroom Faucet – The Best Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

Moen 6702 bathroom faucet

The single handle control of Moen 6702 is straightforward to use, suiting first-time users.

Whether you want to adjust the water flow or temperature, you can quickly manipulate on this single faucet.

The handle is integrated with little blue and red marks, which will remind you of increasing or decreasing the temperature.

It is designed for only one hole mount. If you want, you can use a three-hole escutcheon for three-hole sinks, which are replacements for a two-handled faucet.

Apart from the three-hole escutcheon, this product is packed with a drain assembly. So, you save a small amount of money on buying these items separately.

The chrome finish of both sink faucet and the drain assembly will provide your bathroom with a shiny look. However, it brings a drawback that is Moen 6702 gets more fingerprints and water spots than others. Don’t worry too much because it’s effortless to clean.

Another outstanding feature of this single handle is the height.

Its high arc bathroom faucet leaves a lot of clearance under the spout, so you have a large room for washing hands and brushing teeth comfortably.

Pay attention to not install this Moen faucet for a very shallow basin vanity since it may result in the water splashing out everywhere.

Like other products in this list, this model also comes with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer support.

But, its highlight is the solid construction and the 1255 duralast cartridge, putting up with the harshest conditions for a long time.


3 Moen T943BN Bathroom Faucet – The Best Overall

Moen T943BN bathroom faucet

First of all, we have to mention its beautiful look, which is known as a Roman tub faucet. It is designed to fit a classic and contemporary house.

There are two individual taps with two tap handles, which allow you to adjust hot or cold water temperature, depending on your demand.

Although it has available tub deck top compatibility, it’s okay to install this faucet with the three-hole mount system for the broader compatibility.

There are not the required valves for installation, but it fixes with an M-PACT valve system which is very easy to buy on the Internet.

This product comes with three choices of colors: brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. But, their general point is avoid the risk of rust or flaking.

Here are some common advantages:

This model is designed with the high arc, leaving more room below for you to wash your hands, and the like.

Final but not least, the lifetime warranty provides you with a risk-free purchase, meaning that the manufacturer will assist you in fixing any problem.

When it comes to disadvantages, the price is a bit high, but I think that this Roman tub faucet is a worthy investment for any classic and contemporary house.


4 Moen L4621P Bathroom Faucet – The Most Luxurious Faucet

Moen L4621P bathroom faucet

I believe that looking at its look can partly show its luxury.

The highly reflective chrome finish looks like a mirror, beautifying any kitchen style. Meanwhile, the LifeShine polished brass finish can resist flaking for a long time of use.

But, is there only an outstanding appearance? NO!

The Moen L4621P bathroom faucet will bring efficient and reliable performance to your bathroom.

It’s straightforward to control the water temperature and volume through a lever handle.

With only one single control, you can adjust the flow of the water as well as the mixture of cold and hot water.

This design is pretty common these days since it maximizes your comfort as well as helps you save a lot of money on water and energy.

It’s not only easy to use but also quick to install. This model features 4-inch centerset construction, which includes three holes and four inches handles.

You can quickly install it on any basin because of the combination of a spout and handles on a single base unit.

Finally, this product is a certified EPA WaterSense standard and provided Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The pricy cost is also a drawback of this product. It isn’t suitable for people who have a tight budget.


5 Moen 6145 bathroom faucet – The best look

Moen 6145 bathroom faucet

The design of Moen 6145 bathroom faucet is the blend of classic vintage and modern elements, so it fits any bathroom style.

How is the best look?

Its look is reflective and mirror-like, which not only offers scratch-resistant finish but also easy maintenance.

Moreover, it comes with a scratch-resistant, polished chrome finish. Therefore, there is no need to worry that a small impact of the collision can damage your faucet.

The good news is that the whole faucet is made from metal material without any plastic part.

Thus, you can use this product for a long time, even under unfavorable conditions.

Meanwhile, the smooth lever allows you to control the temperature accurately.

The model meets the EPA WaterSense criteria, which shows that you can save water without compromising performance.

For some first-users of this product, it may be a little hard to close the drain.


Moen Faucet Brand In A Brief

In 1937, Al Moen scorched his hands accidentally due to the very hot water flow from the two-handles faucet.

This thing inspired him to develop intelligent water delivery technology as well as the complete control temperature.

  • 1950: the Moen company launched the single-handle faucet.
  • 1979: this brand introduced the first line of the two-handle model.
  • 1982: Al Moen retired, but the Moen company kept innovating to bring the first bathtub line with a non-tarnish finish – ‘LifeShine’. They provide their customers with the first-lifetime warranty.
  • 1998: the company produced the Pure Touch filter system combined with pull-out technology.
  • 2012: they developed the latest smart feature – motion sensor technology.

Why Should You Choose Moen Faucet?

You should invest in a Moen faucet because it comes with many outstanding features.

They include high technology, beautiful design, awards and certificate, high quality, warranty, and customer service.


Touchless Faucets

This technology provides hands-free convenience, meaning you can activate the faucet without touching.

There are two kinds of technologies: MotionSense (two sensors) and MotionSense Wave (one sensor).

Both of them are similar, but the MotionSense wave doesn’t have the ready sensor feature. This is why it is cheaper than another.

Here are their general points:

If your hands are too messy and dirty to touch the faucet, waving your hands with the sensors can turn on and off the flow of the water.

This functionality can prevent the spread of dirt and germs because there is no need to touch the faucet.

This product provides water when you are really in need to minimize waste. So, you can save a certain amount of money on the water bill.

The differences are:

MotionSense has the ready sensor, which can detect any object such as a cup, or your hand to start the flow of the water.

And its handle is designed to adjust temperature and the water flow.

Power Clean

Do you love enjoying sticky dishes like BBQ sticky slow-cooked ribs, sticky apricot chicken, or sticky date pudding?

We are sure that it brings wonderful experiences while eating, but it may be challenging to clean kitchen utensils used for cooking them.

Moen Power Clean Technology

The Moen company found out a solution to deal with these sticky and caked-on messes.

The Power Clean technology will offer an improved powerful, concentrated spray to support you clean up faster.

At the same time, the power clean spray can minimize the mess with less water used.

Power Boost

Speaking of faster clean, we can’t forget a power boost. When pushing a button on the kitchen faucet, you can offer 50% more spray power for faster cleanup.

Simultaneously, it also increases the performance to fill your containers with water quicker.

Magnetix Showerheads

Magneti Showerheads Technology

Magnetix handheld shower is the first Moen product added magnetic docking.

This feature allows you to release quickly and snap back into place securely even when you close your eyes.

If you want to change the spray setting, it’s straightforward to push the button or dial control.

There are six unique spray functions so that you have customized experience as well as an optimized spray force on each setting.

This product is designed without cradle, clutter, or clip on the shower arm, so it is an ideal choice for any size shower.

Besides, the metal hose can resist tangles while the extended reach is convenient to take a shower for children and pets.

The reflex pulldown kitchen faucet allows you to put the spray head away. With the flexible hose, you can reach different positions, then retract fully and securely.

Spot Resist Finish

The Moen products have Spot Resist Stainless or Brushed Nickel finishes, which can prevent water spots as well as fingerprints, saving your time on cleaning.

U by Moen Smart Shower

This feature allows you to control the digital shower your way through three ways: voice, phone, and controller.

Voice activation:

  • Use your voice to start, stop, and pause the shower.
  • Preset in the U by Moen app and start using Google, Siri, or Alexa.
  • Start the shower at a temperature as desired.

Press & Mark Installation

This feature allows you to install easily because the washable ink stamp will mark the wall and show where you need to drill precisely.

Immersion Rainshower Technology

This technology offers consistent and substantial water pressure and excellent coverage for rainshower experience.


M-PACT is a wonderful way to change the style of your faucet without replacing any plumbing.


No matter what is your style, you can pick up a suitable choice from the Moen brand. The Moen faucets suit sleek modern bathrooms as well as French country kitchens.


Moen products have not only a beautiful look but high durability as well.

They use the highest-quality materials, so you can set your mind at rest about its durability.


Any model of the Moen brand has a limited lifetime warranty because the manufacturer is so proud of the quality of their products.

Thus, don’t worry when your faucet has any problem.

Customer Service

Although Moen is a large corporation, they take care of each customer very well.

Do you have problems or questions?

Please contact their customer service representative via 18002896636, if you live in the United States.

In case your location is at another place, check the site for the phone number.

If you aren’t urgent or you don’t want to call, it’s okay to use the contact form on the website.


Below are the awards, which Moen got from 2015-2018:

  • 2018: HD Awards Finalist, Architectural Digest Great Design Award for Bathroom Faucets, America’s Most Trusted Faucet Brand by Lifestory Research.
  • 2017: Good design Award, International Design Award, David Weekley Homes 2017 Partners of Choice, BUILDING 2017 Top money-Saving Products, Awards for Design Excellence, Beautiful Kitchen & Baths 30 Most Innovative Products for 2017.
  • 2016: KBCULTURE Awards, College Planning & Management Best New Product of Year Awards,, Top 100 Best New Products of 2016 by This Old House, GOOD DESIGN Award, Products of the Year by Architectural Record, CSE Product of the Year Awards, The American Business Awards, Awards for Design Excellence, America’s Most Trusted Faucet Brand by Lifestory Research, 30 Most Innovative Products for 2016 by Beautiful Kitchen & Baths.
  • 2015: GOOD DESIGN Award, 100 Best New Home Products of 2015 by This Old House, Architectural Products Product Innovation Awards, College Planning & Management and School Planning & Management;s 2015 New Product of the Year Awards, Top Products of 2015 from the Editors of Professional Remodeler, Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year Award, Awards for Design Excellence.


The Moen faucets are certificated EPA WaterSense and ADA compliant, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products.


We are looking for a kitchen faucet, so among these Moen faucet reviews, our decision is Moen 7594ESRS kitchen faucet.

Its MotionSense feature brings a maximum convenience for users since we don’t have to touch it to activate the faucet.

Do you want to know more about Moen faucet? If yes, don’t hesitate to throw your words in the section below.

We will come back to you with proper answers. Also, please share this article if you find it informative.

Have a nice day!

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