How to Properly Size Your Kitchen Sink

There is no denying that a kitchen sink is an irreplaceable item in your kitchen. Choosing a kitchen sink is extremely important yet challenging as you have to consider its quality, material as well as size.

A sink can come in a few different sizes upon the surface area. If you choose the wrong size, it will be time-consuming to repair it again. For this reason, you should be aware of choosing the right size, which fits with your kitchen perfectly.

What Kitchen Sink Size Is Ideal for Your Kitchen?

The Formula

Sinks are set up in a base cabinet which has numerous different sizes.

Typically, the best size of the kitchen sink should be calculated as follows: take the size of the base cabinet counted in inches and subtract three inches.

It is perfect while your sink size is three inches smaller than the cabinet in which the sink is installed. This formula gives users the maximum size of the sink you intend to purchase.

Are you wondering whether this formula is exact? Do not worry! It is all verified carefully, so there is no need to concern about its reliability.

To contain certain amount of water, there is an under-mount sink that people have to fit up.

Of course, it needs to be fixed underneath the counter with a solid adhesive. If you are not the installer, you might not see it.

There is the fact that the sink has a 1.5-inch lip adhering to the counter on each side. For this reason, three extra inches is the least number so that a sink can sit in the base cabinet.

Also, a 1.5-inch apron-front sink on either side is quite proper to fit into the base cabinet.

Having a thorough understanding of the formula for counting the size is quite essential. It helps you not only choose the proper size of your kitchen sink but also become extremely experienced to buy a sink in the future.

How to Size a Sink

Choosing the sink size is depending on the current state of your kitchen. It means that the way to choose kitchen sink size of new construction is different from the old cabinet.

Keep reading for more details.

For New Construction

In case you are building a new kitchen or renovating it, what you have to do is consider to choose a new kitchen sink. Of course, to choose the one that fits your kitchen, you must pay attention to some following things.

Make sure that you know where you put the sink first. Then, think about the sink size. New construction means that you can replace both countertops and cabinets.

As a result, you will have a wide choice of a sink at any size as long as it fits into the new cabinet.

Commonly, the kitchen sink sizes that you can consult are 24, 30, or 33 inches.

Specifically, the smaller kitchen goes with the 24-inch size of a sink. Despite its small size, this 24-inch sink has enough function allowing you to wash regular food as well as even pots and pans.

Its common shapes are a D-bowl and square. Besides, the 24-inch sink sits in at least the 27-inch base cabinet.

Nowadays, people are likely to use the 30-inch sink, which is the most common size of sinks in the current market.

Of course, this 30-inch sink gives a wide variety of shapes including single bowl square or single bowl orca, and double bowl. A 33-inch base cabinet is perfect for this 30-inch size according to the official formula.

Additionally, the larger kitchen needs to accommodate the 33-inch or 36-inch sinks that come in a single or double bowl as usual.

In sum, if your kitchen space is large enough to install a large sink, I recommend a prep or bar sink so that you can utilize it for several needs.

For The Old Cabinets

If you intend to keep your cabinets and just replace the current sink, the same size and shape of the new one is a must that you should not forget. But first, let’s pay attention to the size of the base cabinet.

The specific size of the kitchen sink is based on the official formula. Nonetheless, it is not merely that you just have to measure the existing sink to choose the new one.

You had better know the size of your old base cabinet to determine how big your new kitchen is. As a result, choosing the kitchen sink sizes is not a big deal anymore.


Is it impossible to equip further sinks?

A sink has a strong attachment to your kitchen until you rebuild the kitchen counters. Hence, purchasing a good-quality sink that is worth your money is a must.

You had better  verify it directly before making the final decision. Of course, this process happens after you consider the size of your kitchen carefully.

What is the most crucial factor you base on while finding the best sink for your kitchen?

Your lifestyle plays an essential role in choosing the sink that works best for you. Hence, do not ignore this matter.

A deep sink is not suitable for those who have back problems. Plus, the sink with sharp corners is not a wise choice if you have little time to clean your kitchen.

Why is preserving the product you have invested in important?

You have to acknowledge that it is worth protecting a sink you have bought, or your investment.

Retrofitting your sink is quite harder than you think as it is replaced only when your kitchen is renovated.

Thus, let’s equip your sink with a bottom grid that helps you prevent from scratching your sink. It is the ideal way to make sure you have purchased widely.


Acquiring further knowledge of kitchen sink sizes is hugely advantageous. Hopefully, you can choose the right sink that fits your kitchen with ease after reading this post.

If it is helpful enough for you to make a wise decision, share it with others who are getting trouble in this problem.