Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews: Top 8 Rated Models in 2021

Hey guys! Would you like a perfect faucet for both decorative and practical purposes? Then, go for Kingston Brass models!

Faucets manufactured by this brand have impressive qualities, which will satisfy all your needs.

To support that claim, we have done some research on the signature Kingston Brass faucets.

Our post will show you the reason why those faucets are worth checking out as well as help you choose the right one for your requirements.

Now, let’s take a look at our Kingston Brass faucets reviews to discover more!

Top 8 Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews

Kingston Brass has multiple product lines with various collections. You will have a wide selection of versatile faucets for your kitchen or bathroom.

Below are some of the top-rated Kingston Brass faucets on the recent market:

Kingston Brass Kitchen Faucets Reviews

1 Kingston Brass KS3225AX

Kingston Brass KS3225AX

This Early American-style KS3225AX faucet will be an excellent option for your elegant kitchen. Its antique design will bring splendid details and ornate styles to your room.

With a solid brass construction, it will offer strong durability for constant use. The spout of this wall-mounted faucet can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it accessible and easy to use.

You will also feel satisfied with the convenient handles for optimal temperature control and water volume. The built-in ceramic disk will allow low maintenance as well.

At a 60 PSI rate, the water flow from this item is stable and can reach a maximum of 6.8 LPM.

We also appreciate its removable aerator beneath the headpiece of the spout. It will create a non-splashing stream and help to conserve water well.

We love its oil rubbed bronze coating, which will give your room a rustic feeling. Its unique look will match different styles varying from Farmhouse to Art Deco.

Its swiveling abilities makes it convenient to use. Notably, it is also resistant to scratch, corrosion, and tarnish.

If you want to bring a special allure to your interior kitchen design, don’t hesitate to choose this model from the vintage collection of the brand.


2 Kingston Brass KS213C

Kingston Brass KS213C

Another faucet from Kingston Brass that impresses us is this top-notch wall-mounted KS213C model.

With an appealing design, it promises to spice up your kitchen’s appearance. The polished chrome finish, during our test, has offered high resistance against all tarnish and rust.

The solid brass body of this product will add to the long-lasting usage. On that body, there is a spout ascending at an angle to offer additional clearance.

We find its 7-inch spout design excellent because it helps to make the water flow more convenient and practical.

Thanks to the offered horizontal pop, the faucet performs as a centerpiece and is ideal for designs around.

Besides, its ceramic disc cartridge will provide maximum reliability. Its elegant handles, along with indicator buttons, display a unique charm as well.

Primarily, the handle works with a 1/4-turn on/off mechanism for observing the water temperature as well as volume.

Also, its ceramic disc valve comes with drip-free features, and the water flow maximum rate is 60 PSI.

Overall, this product will be ideal for users who are keen on contemporary and traditional designs.


3 Kingston Brass KS3221AX

Kingston Brass KS3221AX

If you fall in love with the traditional décor or the classical Victorian styles, the KS3221AX model will suit your tastes.

It is quite reliable, durable,  and comes with an extended warranty.

The glamorous design of this product makes it appealing to us at first sight. Also, the chrome finish is among the most common types sold recently.

That finish coating is scratch, corrosion, and tarnish-resistant, too.

We and several designers in the team admire that finish due to its ease-of-use and versatility to fit into various décor units.

Besides, its eye-catching hot and cold handles flank the spout. Every shiny chromed part will make the entire solid brass construction more good-looking.

Thanks to the 360⁰ Victorian swivel spout, users can turn off the faucet quickly when needed.

It features a 1/4 turn ceramic disk cartridge and a maximum water flow of 1.8 GPM. The ceramic disk cartridge is low-maintenance, too.

This Kingston Brass KS3221AX does not leak and features a helpful aerator for better water conservation as well as an adjustable spread for convenient usage.

It also matches up with Californian energy regulations.

For those who are into classic understated styles, this perfect faucet from the Kingston Brass will be an ideal option.


4 Kingston Brass KS1273ALBS

Kingston Brass KS1273ALBS

Coming from the aesthetic colonial elegance of the Kingston Brass’s Heritage Collection, this unit delivers a flourishing touch of traditional styles and meets ADA standards.

We enjoy the soft hue of this unit’s Antique Brass finish, which also gives a high resistance to staining, chipping, and scratch.

Moreover, the attractive theme goes well with victorian-style spouts and graceful round curves.

The solid brass construction, as well as tarnish-resistant finish, will ensure its ultimate reliability, too.

You need something to use all kinds of the sink? Don’t worry! The side sprayer and swivel ability will offer an adequately robust fixture.

Thanks to the ceramic cartridge system for drip-free usage, this double handle model will ensure incredible durability and excellent performance.

Notably, its handle works in a 1/4-turn rotation for controlling water volume with 1.8 gallons per minute at 60 PSI maximum rate.

Whether you love a Victorian-inspired kitchen space or a vibrant space, this exclusive bridge design is still a worth-trying option out there.

Now, don’t hesitate to bring a classic style and the functionality of this beautiful faucet to your kitchen.


Kingston Brass Bathroom Faucets Reviews

1 Kingston Brass GKB985AX

Kingston Brass GKB985AX

If you are looking for a perfect faucet for your spacious bathrooms, take this Kingston Brass GKB985AX into your consideration!

Returning to the art of the Victorian Era, it holds vintage opulence design along with the superior performance.

In addition to a pop-up drain, it has a sturdy brass body and premium finish, which helps to beautify your sink for an extended period.

As you can see, two dual cross handles are also perfect for simple rotation. They operate smartly and provide access to water with an easy turn. The flow rate is around 1.0 gallon every minute.

What else?

This transitionally designed faucet meets the EPA‘s criteria for water-saving goals as well.

The spout which reaches out 5-1/4 inches and 6 inches in height features a gentle curve for vintage and elegant flair.

For drip-free operation, this model makes use of durable washerless cartridges. It is compatible with standard US plumbing connections, too.

Right now, let’s bring the vintage European aura into your décor scenarios with this stunning faucet!


2 Kingston Brass KB5612PL

Kingston Brass KB5612PL

Let’s continue with this Kingston Brass KB5612PL, which is a perfect combination of both classic and modern style.  It looks impressive, right?

This product belongs to the brand’s Restoration collection and meets the highest quality standards as well as other state regulations.

Classical artistry glamorizes the traditional charm of this faucet in fantastic ways.

Its excellent finish brings a luxurious accent while the solid construction assures exceptional reliability for daily use.

Not only that but the corrosion-resistant and tarnish-resistant finish also allow you to use your item daily with no worries.

Plus, this model has an elegant porcelain lever handle, too. Its Gooseneck spout displays a classy look and gives users extensive room for washing.

With a generous warranty, we believe this timeless design will be an ideal solution for all premiere bathroom decor.

Besides, the product also comes with essential hardware accessories for easy mounting.

If you need a new idea for your small bathrooms, why don’t you utilize a charming touch of this functional and stylish faucet for your bathroom sink?


3 Kingston Brass KS2962CQL

Kingston Brass KS2962CQL

The next excellent member of the Kingston Brass’s Claremont collection is this widespread bathroom faucet numbered KS2962CQL.

You will receive your guests’ admiration and compliments toward the contour as well as rectangular configurations of this model.

Look at the image! You can see its robust brass construction and Polished Brass finish. Thanks to them, our model requires low maintenance and offers long-lasting uses.

That premium finish of KS2962CQL is reliable and can resist corrosion, rust, and tarnishing as well.

For better performance, there is also a ¼ turn on and off water controlling system, a built-in removable aerator, and a 5.5″ spout reach from the faucet’s body.

Besides, two convenient handles make it simple to use. What’s more, it comes with easy 3-hole installation, a matching finish pop-up drain, and included mounting hardware.

We realize that there are available accessories in the box. So, you can easily install this piece of furniture in your bathrooms or kitchens.

If you are seeking a durable faucet which can accompany your house for a long time, then take this Kingston Brass KS2962CQL into your consideration.


4 Kingston Brass KS4461BX

Kingston Brass KS4461BX

One more bright candidate in the bathroom faucet product line of Kingston Brass brand is this KS4461BX item, inspired by the 1930’s era.

It gives magnificence and beauty with lots of subtle detailing.

Being a part of the Metropolitan collection, this faucet features a traditional and minimalistic style with the spout’s bevel shape as well as widespread levers.

Fabricated from the top-notch brass material, this touch-on faucet is quite durable. With a beautiful polished chrome finish, it displays a distinguished style which will attract your guests’ interest.

Furthermore, the solid brass body helps to enhance longevity and provides high resistance to corrosion.

The ceramic disk cartridge allows the system to show a leak-free performance as well.

As for the easy installation, this model can mount on a 3-hole sink. Here, the spread is available between 8 inches and 16 inches.

Do you enjoy this product? If yes, check out the Metropolitan collection and pick up this fixture.

The luxury, elegance, and high qualities will surely satisfy your needs.


Kingston Brass Faucet Brand in Brief

The King­ston Brass brand, founded in 1998, is a well-known importer of Asian-made kitchen and bathroom product lines.

It has continuously supplied the market with thousands of top-quality products.

All of the company’s products follow the required regulations and laws governing the sale as well as proper installation of faucets.

Every product embodies the creative craftsmanship soul and gets inspiration from the heart of ingenious designs.

Each item is also an extraordinary combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Throughout many years of operation, the brand has developed a close relationship with the clients and directly communicated with them to improve ever-growing products.

The Kingston Brass never stop developing and enhancing more top-notch services.

If you are a faucet lover, don’t hesitate to choose excellent products from this company.

Why Should You Choose Kingston Brass Faucet?

You are wondering what has made Kingston Brass faucets popular, aren’t you?

To answer your questions, we have searched and examined this brand’s products to find out what makes them outstanding.

Design And Color

The design is one of the highlight features of Kingston Brass’s models. Up till now, Kingston Brass has released more than 20,000 designs in its inventory onto the market.

Also, the company has produced a variety of faucet which has modern designs or classical ones. No matter what styles you choose, you can be sure that they will beautify your kitchen or bathroom in extraordinary ways.

Every faucet manufactured by this firm comes with a solid brass build. That feature will improve the longevity of products and help them resist rust and corrosion.

When it comes to color, there are also various shades and the most common ones are chrome, bronze, or satin nickel.

All of them will bring an attractive look to your home.


This manufacturer has designed a range of reasonable models featuring ingenious designs and top-notch materials for any home.

In addition to the robust construction for durability, each well-crafted item also meets the highest quality standards.

So, every model comes with fantastic reliability, immense practicality, as well as a straightforward installation.

Besides, the model benefits from a good-quality cartridge which is available with a ceramic or washerless type.

That cartridge will give your product a leak-tight operation for a long-lasting period.


This manufacturer has made use of the latest innovations and technology in the faucet production process.

Many faucets may look like relics from the past but will work like modern ones thanks to the advanced technology.


How about the warranty? All faucets of Kingston Brass feature a 10-year company warranty.

The policies will cover all the possible defects because of poor craftsmanship or other material issues.

According to that, the company will send you the necessary spare parts for free, and a new unit in demanding situations.

Don’t forget that you must keep and present your valid receipt as proof of purchase in case you want to take advantages of the manufacturer warranty.

You can ask for a warranty claim through the contact with this manufacturer by phone at 1 (877) 252-7277 or email at [email protected].


This factor is also a notable one that every customer pay much attention to when shopping for what they need.

The company offers not only top-quality models at a competitive price tag but also excellent customer services.

The support team is always ready to answer the questions and concerns of customers.

The support specialists are of great assistance in identifying issues you may encounter during your use.

So, don’t hesitate to contact them via phone or email to get the necessary support and receive the best service ever.


The final factor will show strong reliability of the brand’s advertised products.

In particular, Kingston Brass has received some certifications including notable ones below:

The certification of Basic Faucet Standards

This one displays the safety, durability, and reliability of the brand’s products through the independent testing laboratory analysis.

The certification of Lead-Free & Drinking Water Safe

After passing independent laboratory tests, certified faucets will be legal for installation and sale in the USA and Canada.


We have just presented some details about the brand Kingston brass as well as best-selling faucets recently.

With excellent quality, fitment, and styles, those faucets will add elegance to your room in a unique way and guarantee your long-lasting satisfaction, too.

If you feel confused when buying the right faucet, then let our Kingston Brass faucet reviews help you.

You will easily choose a proper one that can fulfill all your needs.

If you find our suggestion helpful, don’t forget to introduce them to your friends and family members!

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