7 Things That Make A Great Kitchen Faucet

A few years ago, kitchens were only meant for cooking. However, times have changed and most people use their kitchens socializing, relaxation, and even studies.

A modern kitchen is also arranged in a manner that can accommodate various activities. Apart from the things we need for cooking, modern kitchens can also accommodate music centers, Television sets, adjustable furniture, book stands, and various other items.

Kitchens are also equipped differently since people have different tastes and preferences. However, regardless of whether you are in Europe, Asia or South America, almost every modern kitchen has a faucet.

It’s one of the most important components of any kitchen. Apart from improving the quality of your kitchen, a great faucet will also make your

Kitchen Function Well and Look Great

Purchasing a new kitchen faucet is one of the most interesting upgrades you can make. Whether you just want to personalize your kitchen or you just want to replace a damaged one, there is something out there for everyone.

However, with so many brands and models on the market, choosing the best kitchen faucet can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. So, what makes a kitchen faucet great? Here are some tips to consider.

Has a Brand

When it comes to choosing a faucet for your kitchen, it’s always advisable to choose a product with a strong brand name. Why should you even consider a non-branded product?

Some people assume that they will save money by avoiding the top brands. However, that is not always the situation. In fact, you might end up spending more money than you had initially saved.

Most of the non-branded faucets tend to have a short life. They start showing signs of wear and tear within a few months.

Low-quality faucets leak, drip, break and waste your water, which will eventually lead to higher utility bills. Therefore, you should not that buying a branded product doesn’t mean you are paying for the name.

Instead, you are paying for reliability, ready customer service in case of issues, newer technology as well as extended warranties. If you opt for a cheaper product, you will not enjoy any of these benefits.

The good news is that there is a wide range of manufacturers, who produce efficient, reliable and aesthetically-appealing kitchen faucets. Therefore, you just need to select one that suits your tastes and needs.

Aligns with Your Kitchen’s Décor

In the modern kitchen, a faucet plays a vital role towards its looks and appeal. As much as reliability and functionality are the main priorities, looks are equally important.

After all, all the major brands are producing reliable and functional faucets. What sets apart a great kitchen faucet brand from a common one is the issue of design.

Respectable brands have realized that the modern consumer is paying more attention to design when choosing a kitchen faucet. Therefore, if you are choosing one for your kitchen, then you should also consider how it will align with the rest of the components.

Kitchen faucets come in five main categories, including nature-inspired, industrial, a fusion of the two, modernist and retro. Industrial design faucets are mainly conical or cylindrical while nature-inspired shapes usually resemble plants or animals.

Retro faucets are among the most popular in the categories while the modern ones feature different combinations of hooks, springs, as well as other unique accessories and attributes. Retro and modernist are not as widely used as the other three since they require a corresponding kitchen design.

Easy to Install and Operate

Installing a kitchen faucet should not consume more than 10 minutes for someone with basic DIY skills. Once you dismantle the old one, you just get the hoses through the holes drilled in the sink, put the faucet in its position and then fasten it from beneath using the attached screw nuts.

Having completed that phase, you should then proceed to attach the ends of the hose to the cold or warm water supplies. Its handle will adjust temperatures automatically while allowing the stream to flow precisely and steadily. You can even direct the stream in various areas on the kitchen sink.

If the faucet has a detachable spray head, then your installation work will be even easier. Some models are even designed with a powerful magnet, which helps to secure the spray head firmly in position.

On the other hand, pull-down kitchen faucets mostly use a spring, which returns them back to the holder once you have finished using it. In great kitchen faucets, the spray head should return to its holder without human intervention.

You should also note that the swiveling head comes with a wide-enough range, which gives you the freedom of setting the spout in your preferred position.

Should Be Leak-free for Lifetime

Changing gaskets and washers after every few months belongs to the past. Also, the valves used in modern kitchen faucets have significantly evolved.

Most faucets now contain hard ceramics as valves, which are sometimes covered with diamond. With the use of these valves, it’s almost impossible for them to wear out as fast as they used to.

Also, they don’t leak their entire lifetime. Therefore, if you find yourself constantly changing gaskets and washers, it’s time to invest in a quality kitchen faucet, and you will not come across such issues anymore.

Apart from saving you money and time, the best kitchen faucet will also ensure a stream and precise water flow.

Deep Clearance

If you have a low kitchen faucet, you may not be able to wash large pots under it. You will be forced to change its position in the sink severally, to ensure it’s evenly washed.

While that may not be a big issue, why should you struggle while there are better options on the market? When you are choosing a kitchen faucet, height clearance is one of the biggest considerations to make.

To obtain the best value for your money, you can use the largest accessory that you have in your kitchen, which needs to be washed in the sink. You should then use its measurements to determine the height of the faucet’s arch.

A great kitchen faucet should allow you to move comfortably even when you are washing large items. However, don’t overdo it. Common sense should always apply when assessing the clearance.

Versatile Stream

Your kitchen faucet should be able to direct its stream to almost any point or direction on the sink. Apart from convenience, that level of versatility speeds up your washing.

Instead of turning the pot under the faucet’s spout, it should instead direct the stream to the desired direction. Different manufacturers use different methods to come up with that technology.

However, as long as it’s a pull-down or pull-out faucet, then it should have that functionality. While shopping for a kitchen faucet, always go through the images carefully.

Some manufacturers claim that their products have that feature, only to find it’s non-existent when the faucet arrives. Stay away from brands that don’t provide product images, since it’s hard to determine whether it has that feature or not.

Easy to Clean

Just like other kitchen appliances, you need to clean your kitchen faucet regularly. Cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt, oils and other sediments from the utensils.

However, the cleaning process should not consume an entire hour. A few wipes with a cloth or sponge should be enough to clean it.

Also, the best kitchen faucet doesn’t develop stains that require special cleaners. In addition, fingerprints should not stick.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, buying a kitchen faucet is not just walking into any store near you and grabbing the one closest to you. It requires a careful consideration of various factors.

The good news is that once you invest in a great kitchen faucet, you will have invested in a high-quality product. It will also serve for long and prevent water wastage while making your cleaning work easy and fast.